Long Distance Transportation Checklist

Ameritrans Printable Checklist Is the client stable?

Long distance transportation can be stressful to anyone. Making sure the client is medically stable is a must before considering transport over a long distance. Clients in intensive care units, on ventilators, and with unstable vital signs would not be considered medically stable. Consulting with a transportation service and with the client's primary care physician is crucial in determining stability.

Ameritrans Printable Checklist How is the client transferred from bed-to-bed

The first step and last step of a trip are moving the client between beds. Be sure to choose a service that has a stretcher the can be brought into the facility or residence to pick up the client. Also be sure that the stretcher has a loading system. A loading system allows the stretcher to be loaded into the vehicle with the client on it. A familiar example would be the loading system in an ambulance.

Ameritrans Printable Checklist What safety features does the service have?

Sometimes accidents happen. Some services carry inadequate insurance or even just a personal vehicle policy. Verify that a service is commercially insured-a commercial general liability policy is a must for safety. Ask about driver training and if the service checks employee records and requires defensive driving courses for all drivers. Be sure you select a service that provides safety features for client and rider. The safest stretcher systems have a floor-mounted system that the stretcher locks into. The stretcher should have a harness, lap, and leg belt to secure the client while moving.

Ameritrans Printable Checklist How comfortable will the ride be?

In long distance travel safely providing comfort is a big deal. Beware of services offering amenities that seem to good to be true. Some amenities can compromise client safety in transit. Having the client face forward during transit is a great way to reduce motion sickness and anxiety. Ask the prospective service what sort of padding the stretcher has. Having a seat to accommodate a rider next to the client can also help reduce stress to the client. Inquire about the amenities provided in the vehicle (i.e. Satellite radio, things to read, or a way to watch movies).

Ameritrans Printable Checklist What level of care can the service provide?

Make sure a service has CPR, First Aid, and AED training in case of medical emergency. Choose a service that can provide all of the care activities required for the client. Below is a list of possible care a stable client might require. Check those that apply to the client you are asking about the make sure the service can safely provide them.

  • Tube Feedings/Medications
  • Oral Medication Administration
  • Diabetic Testing/care
  • Changing Soiled Garments
  • Infection Control
  • Wound Dressing Changes
  • Catheter Care
  • Position Changes to avoid Bed Sores(Pressure Ulcers)
  • Other

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