What We Provide

Ameritrans provides a full "bed-to-bed" service. Ameritrans is fully insured with not only vehicle coverage, but also a general liability policy covering the client allowing for a truly "bed to bed" service. A Bed-to-bed service means we transfer the client from bed to stretcher during pickup and from stretcher to bed at the destination. The stretcher in every vehicle will allow the client to recline or sit in an upright position during the trip and the client rides facing forwards which decrease the chance of motion sickness.

During transportation our vehicles are in constant communication with our transportation office and tracked via GPS. Our team members provide all client care during transportation, which includes but is not limited to feeding-via G-tube if necessary-, oxygen administration, administration of currently prescribed patient medications, diabetic care, catheter care, and incontinence care. Ameritrans also provides satellite radio and DVD video stations for client comfort during the trip.

Remember our quotes are inclusive and cover client food, snacks, tolls, and beverages.

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