Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice does Ameritrans require to schedule a transport?

Generally we would like to have at least 72 hours notice prior to the transport. At times we do book up a week or more out. As soon as you have a date in mind, call and schedule the transport.

How do I schedule a transport?

To schedule a transport, we require a 50% deposit by credit card or by eCheck. This deposit is COMPLETELY (100%) refundable up to 48 hours before the scheduled transport date and time.

What is included in the Ameritrans price?

The price is a "bed-to-bed" price that includes all food, drinks, snacks, tolls, and oxygen. There are NO other fees or taxes added.

Will insurance pay for your service?

Rarely will insurance companies reimburse for any type of long distance non-emergency service. If you have a case manager that is specifically approving the transport, they will contact us directly for payment arrangements.

May someone ride with the patient?

Yes, there is room for one extra person to ride bedside along with the patient, which is at NO extra charge.

Can you administer medications?

Because we cross state lines, all medication must be currently prescribed to the patient. Medication administration can be maintained by the Ameritrans Team if it has already been established prior to the transport. Due to unforeseen events, we recommend enough medications for 3 times the amount of the needed for the predicted transport time.

How are Ameritrans Team Members qualified?

All Ameritrans Team Members come from a healthcare background. They are required to be trained in first-aid, A.E.D., and C.P.R. They are also "Certified Medical Transport Specialists" which includes infection control, feeding tube nutrition, oxygen administration, diabetic care, catheter care, IV care, and continence care.